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Ace of Cups building w/grocery as an initial settlementEdit

The Ace of Cups building has a lot going for it. There's space for people to live in the upper two floors, and a commercial space in the downstairs. This would be much safer than having individual redditors settle in individual homes, and would also provide a base of operations for The Project. The ambition of this initial settlement is in line with our capabilities as well. The music festivals, solar power, and reddit barge come later.

The commercial space could be turned into a variety of things, but it seems there's a niche for a grocery that focuses on providing quality (but not organic) produce, meats, dairy, and fish from local farms and fisheries. We would have low transport costs, and would be free to negotiate for the best prices/items we could find (rather than always trying to carry, say, mangos). Recipes could be given out based on what the store has in stock at any one time. We could also do a small amount of prepared items, like pasta salads, sandwiches, etc. Note: this is not a mini Whole Foods.

If operated as a non-profit, this grocery would be able to compete for grant money, and charitable contributions. In addition, we could focus on training youth in cooking, finances, and all the skills we redditors bring along with us. The non-profit model would allow us to put money from the grocery store back into the store, and the community as a whole. We could operate a weekly soup kitchen out of it, or organize educational meetings.

Concern about taking money from an already cash strapped communityEdit

With profit not the primary concern of the grocery, we stand to provide an alternative to money they would already spend on groceries. Whereas currently they might go to the dollar store to get something frozen, we have the opportunity to provide cheaper meals that are actually good for people, and the surrounding area.

Farm on Dorkitude's parents huge propertyEdit

The FarmEdit

Seems to go hand in hand with the grocery, and would require very very very little initial investment.

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